Comic Strip Classics, U.S. Postal Service sheet of stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service in 1995,
	featuring Dagwood Bumstead with makings for a Dagwood sandwich balanced precariously on his extended arms,
	heading a block of stamps representing the main characters of 20 comic strips:
	The Yellow Kid (a young boy in a yellow nightgown rides a brown dog, holding onto the dog's ears),
	Katzenjammer Kids (a white goat chews books from a shelf, the Captain and the Inspector run into the room, and the two boys, Hans and Fritz, kneel and say 'A good book should be well digested'),
	Little Nemo in Slumberland (a young boy in a yellow nightgown is fallen out of bed and onto the floor with his hair dishevelled and his legs out),
	Bringing Up Father (Jiggs, a short man in top hat, tails, and cigar sticking out the side of his mouth, takes the arms of two much taller women, his wife, Maggie, and their daughter, Nora),
	Krazy Kat (Ignatz the mouse throws a brick at Krazy Kat, a black cat with a pink face),
	Rube Goldberg’s Inventions (a man sits at a table eating soup with an elaborate mechanism strapped to his head to cause a napkin to wipe his chin),
	Toonerville Folks (the Skipper, a white-bearded conductor on an electric trolly, throws out an anchor to help pull the trolly up Homan’s Hill),
	Gasoline Alley (Walt drives with young Skeezix on a country road in an old two-seat convertable car, bags packed on the running board),
	Barney Google (Barney leads his horse, Spark Plug, covered in a ragged yellow blanket),
	Little Orphan Annie (Annie in a red dress and on her knees huggs her orange dog, Sandy),
	Thimble Theater staring Popeye (Popeye swings his fist and 'USA 32' is displayed in the impact),
	Blondie (Blondie watches Dagwood as he collides into Mr. Beasley, the mailman, mail flying into the air),
	Dick Tracy (Tracy, wearing a black suit and yellow hat, checks his two-way wrist TV),
	Alley Oop (Alley Oop rides on the neck of his purple pet dinosaur, Dinny, wearing a fur loincloth and holding a stone axe),
	Nancy (Nancy and her friend Sluggo walk on a sidewalk, each with an ice-cream cone),
	Flash Gordon (Gordon, with his yellow hair, in a blue shirt, is seen in the video screen of Ming the Merciless wearing a red military suit and helmet),
	Li'l Abner (Abner with a small bouque of flowers leans over with his arm around Daisy Mae, in a green blouse and short black skirt sitting on the grass),
	Terry and the Pirates (Terry in a jacket and hat of a military pilot with another soldier, the silhouette of a bomber in the background),
	Prince Valiant (the prince, his hair shaped like a black helmet and wearing a red cape, has his arm around his love, Aleta, dressed in green, a castle in the background),
	Brenda Starr, Reporter (Starr, with orange hair and a green scarf, is reading a newspaper, her fingernails painted red).

Comics poems by Tom Sharp