Mammals of Eurasia

Reconstruction of 'Elasmotherium sibiricum' from Middle-Late Pleistocene of Asia and Europe 'Megaloceros giganteus,' reconstruction by Pavel Riha. 'Stegodon,' photo of fiberglass life-size models (tusks measuring 18 feet) by Vjdchauhan. 'Bos primigenius' reconstruction, by Jochen Ackermann, showing distinctive horns, hump, dark coat, and a white eel stripe running down the spine. Black and white illustration of a five-month-old Tarpan foal 'Equus ferus ferus' by Borisov, 1841. 'Panthera tigris virgata', a colour-enhanced photo of a captive tiger in the Berlin Zoo, 1899 Illustration of the baiji, 'Lipotes vexillifer,' a pale blue dolphin with small eyes, gray on the back, white on the belly, a long beak, and a low dorsal fin 'Lutra nippon,' having a long body and light-brown fur Pyrenean ibex 'Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica,' the male with large curved horns, a brown back, tan sides, and black legs, forhead, and mane; the female brown with smaller straighter horns; illustration from the book 'Wild oxen, sheep & goats of all lands, living and extinct' (1898) by Richard Lydekker. From a sketch by Joseph Wolf.


Irish elk




Caspian tiger


Japanese river otter

Pyrenean ibex