‘Incilius periglenes,’ a brilliant orange frog with tubercular skin; photo by Charles H. Smith - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ‘Pseudophilautus_variabilis,’ a 1.5 inch frog with indistinct stripes from head to haunches ‘Atelopus vogli,’ an dead orange toad tied about the waist with a string from a tag, from Montalbán (Estado Carabobo, Venezuela) ‘Hypselotriton wolterstorffi,’ male and female, a black newt with orange stripes, from Boulanger ‘Rheobatrachus silus,’ a medium-sized frog with gray skin and darker blotches, protruding eyes, blunt snout, long unwebbed fingers, webbed toes, and large arms and legs covered with mucus ‘Taudactylus diurnus,’ a mottled light-brown and darker reddish-brown frog ‘Nannophrys guentheri,’ a small frog with a short rounded snout, long toes, tubercular skin above, smooth skin below


Golden toad

Shrub frog

Harlequin toad

Yunnan Lake newt

Southern gastric-brooding frog

Mount Glorious day frog

Günther’s streamlined frog