'Archaeoindris,' very large lemur with a bulky body slouched in a gorilla's standing posture holds some leaves it is eating. 'Babakotia,' giant lemur hangs from a tree limb by all four feet like a slow-moving sloth. The tail is short, and the arms are slightly longer than the legs. 'Giant aye-aye,' he size of a mid-sized dog, with vertical strips on its face, long fingers, and a furry tail 'Megaladapis edwardsi,' life restoration based on photos of skeletal remains and supported with correspondence with Dr. Laurie Godfrey 'Hadropithecus,' giant lemur walks on all four feet, with a long dark tail held in the air. The head has a short snout (for a lemur) and white ruffed fur running from around the ears to the jaw. 'Archaeolemur,' life restoration based on published articles and Dr. Laurie Godfrey

Lemurs of Madagascar