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About SharpGiving and SharpGiving Press

SharpGiving Press

SharpGiving Press is a small publisher of creative works with little overhead and no budget for marketing. This is not a vanity press since it takes no money in exchange for publishing. All royalties go to the authors, who retain copyright. A work may be offered in print, online, or both. Current offerings in print are by Tom Sharp, Gil Helmick, and Gordon Carrega.

A Website for Poetry

Liz started this website as a place to share books and other products that interested herself and Tom. Tom took it over as a home for his poetry and other work.

Gradually, Tom added books that he had previously published, books that he had not previously published, recordings by himself and Clifford Schwartz including Wedding Poems, Seeing What’s Not There, by and Five of Us.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect personal data about you or about your use of this website. For further information, see our privacy policy.