300 BCE Geometry

The book of science

Tom Sharp

Euclid geometry





  1. That the signifier is not the signified dissolves in memory.
  2. Etymology persists as meaning.
  3. Your name becomes you.
  4. A smell can evoke everything.

Euclidean geometry assumes parallel lines never intersect, which is true of latitudinal lines on a globe, but not true of longitudinal lines. Today we know that all space is curved. Einstein showed that physical space affected by gravity is non-Euclidean.

The first Greek to divide a circle into 360 degrees was Hipparchus.

Alexandrian numerals were similar to Roman numerals, an additive decimal system with values given to letters of the Greek alphabet. The Greek letter Epsilon (Ε) was 5; Nu (Ν) was 50; Phi (Φ) was 500, so that ΦΝΕ (added together) was 555.

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