Illustration of Neon

1898 Neon

The book of science

Tom Sharp

LondonWilliam Ramsay, Morris Travers elements Illustration of Neon


Something new evaporated after krypton from liquid air a bright crimson line in Ramsay’s and Travers’ spectroscope

Atomic number 10

True neon lights shine bright reddish-orange Open, Cold Beer Eat Here

Neon signs

Cinzano vermouth lit up in neon by Jacques Fonsèque, Paris, 1919. Packard lit up in neon by Georges Claude, Los Angeles, 1923. Eight O’Clock Coffee Camel cigarettes blowing smoke rings Kool cigarettes with a blinking penguin lit up in neon by Douglas Leigh, Times Square, 1933.

Colorless, odorless, tasteless, and nonflammable, neon is lighter than argon, silent, and humble. Ask neon a simple question, but don’t expect an answer.

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