7: Being

The sky is blue, explained Hans, because leaves are green and berries are red, ready for picking, which brings us to the reason we have asked you here. Who was this blond man with a crew-cut? Why did he think it worth his time to explain this to a group of strangers? The familiar, Hans continued, blinds us to the obvious, like body odor or bad breath. Like it or not, we interpret the qualities of material reality in terms of our own— Could what he not know yet hurt him? our needs, our selves, our senses, our hopes, our fears. We believe in ourselves, or we fail to believe, and belief is as real as proof. Reality Did he have a prurient interest in their well being? is anything we get used to, least of all our own deaths, which is why, for yourself and your loved ones, you should buy a plot at Shady Rest Memorial Gardens. You can’t wait until you need it. Your death, like the tree in the forest, would make no sound. You wouldn’t even know it fell.

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