22: Emotion

Click. The theory is that cadences Oh bla dee oh bla da life goes on ah reproduce the pattern of an emotion. As you creep toward the stop sign in your car, the poem does not describe an image. Desmond takes the trolly to the jewelry store A physiological reaction occurs, the instinctive residue of kinetic memories, Buys a twenty-caret golden ring as you unconsciously synchronize clutch with pedal. The song can ridicule in its words Takes it back to Molly waiting at the door but endear in its total effect. The sentiment that the image engenders, like a greeting on a card, is easily categorized, but you never stop feeling— And as he gives it to her she begins to sing smiling at Desmond and Molly, pulling the parking brake taut, blinded by sunlight in the lot, feeling cold through the soles of your shoes, waiting in line in the cafeteria, groping for dollars and pennies amid the crowd and smells of food— La la la la la life goes on