45: Language1

  1. Typing exercises (except for the first sentence) from College Typewriting, Complete Course, Seventh Edition, D. D. Lessenberry, S. J. Wanous, C. H. Duncan, Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Company, 1965. Old English from “The Acts of Matthew and Andrew in the City of the Cannibals” (10), and “Maxims II” (25), Bright’s Old English Grammar and Reader, Third Edition, F. J. Cassidy, Richard Ringler, eds., NY: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc., 1971.
  2. The Old English character eth (ð in lower case and Ð in upper case) is pronounced as a voiced ‘th’ as in “this,” and the Old English character thorn (þ in lower case and Þ in upper case) is pronounced as a voiceless ‘th’ as in “thin.” You should pronounce the trailing ‘e’ so that swiðe has two syllables.