49: Logic

Good Indians always tell the truth; bad Indians always lie. It’s difficult for anyone but an Indian to tell them apart. You are lost and come to a fork in the path, but two Indians sit nearby. Only one way returns to camp and safety. If you could ask only two questions, what would you ask? 1. Is your friend a good Indian? 2. Which way would he tell me to go? 1. Would your friend say you are a good Indian? 2. Which way would you tell me to go? 1. May I ask a question? 2. Would one of you be willing to help? 1. Is it true you either always lie or always tell the truth? 2. Why don’t you behave like us? 1. Do either of you speak English? 2. Kemo sabé questo la campo? (gesturing dramatically) 1. Why me? 2. Do you expect me to die here? 1. Why are you two here? 2. Do you know who I am? 1. Am I an Indian? 2. If I were, which way would I go?

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