64: Opinion

Opinions make life interesting. They are windows into the morass of the soul but often the shades are drawn and no one’s home. You can believe what you want, so who’s to say? Hobbes says life is dull, nasty, short, and brutish. Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so. If certain facts were more widely accepted we’d all be better off. Reality is a millstone that weighs down the spirit. Opinion is the opiate of the masses. People who criticize me are jealous that I’m happy. You’re being superficial; happiness is not your dominant characteristic. You can’t expect your happiness to have been predetermined. People are supposed to try to cheer me up but you’re like all the others. Reason is an instrument of our psychosis. Then we should throw off our clothes and live in the woods. The contrary is just as valid. Confusion makes life interesting. (Poster of a window showing clouds in a blue sky.) (Johnson deliberately bangs his foot on the cornerstone of the church.)