69: Poetry1

I. James How small a flame sets fire to a forest. Set by the fires of hell, the tongue creates its own world and burns up the whole body, blackening all of life. A lie begets lies; slander begets slanders. Wild animals and birds can all be tamed, but no one can tame the tongue— a restless flame full of deadly pain. II. Luke The disciples met on the Pentacost. Suddenly there came a sound as of a violent wind, and tongues of fire appeared, separated, and came to rest on each of their heads. Each was filled with the spirit and began to speak of the glories of God so that those who had heard the great sound and had come to see them— Mesopotamian, Judean, Asian, Egyptian, Roman, Medean, Arabian— heard each of them in his own native language.

  1. Derived from the Revised Standard and New Jerusalem translations of the Bible, James 3:56-58, and Acts 2:1-3.
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