83: Science

I shall invent a science of wishes. What else is not already a science? Shall I make a science of accidents, a science of smoke and water swirls, a science of insanity? No, these are already invented, already categorized, quantified, and formulated. Maybe I’d rather make someone happy, or feed a starving child, or prevent a crime, or, heck, make money, but, the trouble is, how would I spend the money? I couldn’t buy immortality— or, for example, happiness. Unhappy people are easy to find and hard to keep happy; however, a new science is rare and lasts forever, even though like other sciences, it could become a paltry tool for drudges. My science of wishes reaches reproducible conclusions. Wishes are not horses. Three wishes are never enough. Only hard work can replace wishing but never occurs without wishing. Everyone has wishes for if wishes weren’t granted to fools then there would be no story, no comedy and no tragedy, except that wishes are the hinges of hope and hope is oil for the wick of love and love could light the world although it prefers not to and wishing doesn’t stop there. A science of wishes shall not require rigorous quantitative methods; instead, advances shall be made as scientists increase their love and teach by their example how to wish.

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