86: Sin

He was self-centered but all the women thought he was cute. He hated his parents but never had to admit it. He ran a light at a blind intersection but no one was coming the other way. He stole a wallet but was innocent, according to the record. He ate and drank too much but managed to ignore his liver and his heart. His ignorance saved him from worry. His weakness saved him from being tried. He disregarded God and the devil and regarded other people only as far as they could help him. He was critical of everything except himself. Generally, he was stupid and insensitive unless something touched his pride, but he bore the burden of his race, his place and time oppressed his unconventional spirit, his teachers failed him, and he learned bad habits from his friends, so he could always blame his problems on someone else. Nevertheless, he had a long life and died in his bed surrounded by the family that loved him.

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