90: State

Once again, the State makes the news— politicians having similar debates, passing laws that most of us will never notice, pardoning or executing a prisoner, participating in a negotiation or distant war. If we are the State, what are those people at the capital? Don’t tell me; I know the answer; I took civics in high school. If they listened to me, poetry would be well funded and big business would go fend. If they asked me, would I have time to answer my phone? Fewer things would get done around here! Who would make appointments, research my options, boil the water and set up the tea? Wait, I’ll do that myself. Would I like Keemun or Scottish Breakfast? The evening is nice; I think I’ll take a walk. Maybe the news bureaus would have time to write about important things. The large Bay tree by the creek whose lower limbs were muddied during the flood two years ago is doing well, but something, likely a Scrub Jay, has disturbed the Bush Tit nest in the trellis rose on our front porch. The parent Bush Tits are rebuilding elsewhere. This is all I have to report, for now.

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