The Caldron The Caldron (The Creative)

The young lumberjack falls in love with the daughter of the boss. The woods protect a rough and immoral society, in which a mill hand, whom the girl spurned, sets fire to the mill. So the girl’s father gets a loan from the villain to rebuild and to pay his men, but the villain, twirling his handlebar mustache, hires thugs to cause accident after accident, delaying the work, until the old man is brought to the table. Now our hero, the young lumberjack, having watched what was going on, shouts, “Stop!” and accuses the villain of playing the villain. The villain grabs the deed and knocks over a lantern while making his escape. After putting out the fire, a chase begins the rest of the story, at the end of which the villain grabs the deed in the mailbag that is caught on the lever of the brake of the caboose and over the cliff he goes. In the final scene, the lumberjack and the girl embrace as they overlook the valley whose trees are now their own to cut down as they please.

The Creative