Obstruction Obstruction (Contemplation)

Suppose we don’t find a solution. If success presupposes secret conditions, let’s assume we won’t be told what they are. But do we have alternatives? Should we work hard, or just get lucky? Better focus on self-improvement—foreign travel, opera tickets, poetry workshops. Better self-improvement than a death that repeats itself over and over. Over and over, the system returns the same error—twelve—and the message describes a symptom but not the disease, which might be a virus or a failure of the immune system for all we know. Who volunteered us for this torment? Did we once say, “We’d like to help?” OK, we did, but did we say, “We believe something can be done, so punish us”? It doesn’t matter; we don’t control these circumstances whether for good or for bad. Better go back and try again later.