Enthusiasm Enthusiasm (Abundance)

The boys in the band didn’t want to be blamed; they were only musicians, playing drums and guitars. But they told the truth to the reporters when some people didn’t want to hear it. Some people believed in canvas sails and side oars, preferring to spread the peril of the journey over months instead of hours. Most of these most likely never made it to the new world. But civilization has always relied on drugs and LSD was a supersonic transatlantic jet. The boys cut their hair alike, dressed alike; this was being professional. Impressionable kids might have cut their hair the same, or worn the clothes, but weren’t as stupid as some people thought. A theory in the law says that one cannot be hypnotized to commit a crime that one would otherwise find abhorrent. Kids don’t get their desire for risky behavior from hypnosis. As for the band, the new world was a stepping stone. They were young and had yet to discover who they were. They were just lucky they had become rich and famous.