The Army The Army

The army isn’t the submarine that launches cruise missiles toward Kabul in Afghanistan, or the sailors and admirals who control them; not the bomber or crew that targets the power station; not the personnel at borrowed air-force bases in Turkey or Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan or Tajikistan or Pakistan; not the Taliban, not the Taliban generals, not the Taliban soldiers. Afghanistan’s army wields no Kalashnikov; America’s army drops no bomb. The war is fought with propaganda, accusations and justifications against enemy news and opinion. Yet innocents are fleeing across the deserts; men who have been compelled to defend their government are being bombed into liquid shreds and mixed with the mortar of their defenses. Overwhelming military force, even the whine of a missile, the boom and rumble, the sudden loss of power and blackness, are more than enough to frighten but not enough to convince.

The Army