Possession in Great Measure Possession in Great Measure

The ground you walk on holds you up. The air you breathe keeps you alive, at least. Colors, sounds, smells, gather in abundance that you could love as you can imagine. Conditions must be copesetic. We want to please in interesting combinations as long as it’s not too weird and your daily needs are met. I wish I could explain a few things— how ants traverse such distances, how rainwater polarizes sunlight, how naming a thing can either liberate it or spoil it like botulism. I don’t know why but knowing things is better than owning diamonds. We live in our heads while in the physical world there’s too much work to do. It’s so hard to be brave or thrifty or reverent, and others strive to bother you, particularly telemarketers and makers of inferior products but let’s not get scientific. Advice of great teachers is not to be ignored or taken politely. Silly people deploy an army when all they really want is to make a good impression but a small person like you can see many things, inspire others and, as a whole belittle evils that few had thought could be belittled.

Possession in Great Measure