Treading Treading (Break-Through)

Aphorisms for success—the movement the rise of self-help books, smug looks of so-called experts, pathos of friends trying to be helpful, but the movement now is dead. No one wants to be a goody-goody; even church-goers conceal their virtue; altruism without a profit is generally derided. Might now makes right because strength means superiority. The trend isn’t cynicism; it’s naiveté. One can’t be accused of discrimination when one doesn’t know black from white. I used to think I had it figured out, but the success of stupidity and hypocrisy puts fundamental answers into question. I am forced to think back— think to a time in our prehistory when, idly pounding one rock against another, man discovers how to knap arrow heads. Managers and wives ask, “What is your plan?” We answer, “To fool around until we find what works.” The caveman is coming back out of the cave and doesn’t need anyone’s permission to play.