puzzle piece 79


Tom Sharp reads his own work. Clifford Schwartz reads the poems by the original poets. Click a puzzle piece or portrait to play a reading of the poem. Click a second time to stop the reading that is playing.

Clifford Joseph Schwartz is a teacher of Shakespeare and poetry, a consulting historian of poetry, and an actor and voiceover performer.

Katherine Kahrs took the photograph of Tom; Tom took the background photograph and drew the puzzle pieces that illustrate his poems. Tom produced these at 72 dots per inch using an original Macintosh, with the Thunderscan scanner in an ImageWriter.

Tom Sharp, Ph.D., holds twenty patents, is retired from IBM, is a member of Seldovia Village Tribe, and is the author of numerous books.

You may email tom/AT/liztomsharp/DOT/-c-o-m-/ to share comments on this work.

For an explanation of the origin of this book, see the Preface.

The web design, the poems, and the readings by Tom Sharp are copyright © by Tom Sharp, 1994, 2012. The readings by Clifford Schwartz are copyright © by Clifford Joseph Schwartz, 2012, 2013.