A Bum’s Speech

(9-14 July 1990) after John Fletcher

Stupidity. Stupidity and selfishness. That’s why some people live in big houses and others scrape by in alleys, under bridges. If you ask me, I’m making them rich. I’m an example to the rest of you. When you see what happened to me you’re scared, so you act stupid, selfish. You all start out young and naïve, but then you grab all you can and lie about it. Naïvety turns into stupidity without trying. People who don’t grab don’t have to lie about it. Do you think I’m lazy? Maybe I’m crazy? Hey, there isn’t anything to be scared about. When you think of all the waste, the bread you leave at the restaurant, why shouldn’t someone have that food? No one owes me a living. I know that. You might get what you want with good looks, but you can’t take away my self-respect.