An arthropod leg is a sequence of podomeres connected by joints. The joints permit movement in only one plane, no ball and socket, no rotation, which is why they seem to walk oddly stiff. Legs of different arthropods have different numbers of podomeres. Most arthropod legs have seven podomeres. Crustaceans have ten legs called periopods, some for walking and some for handling food. Arachnids have eight legs. Insects have six legs, each with four podomeres jointed to a sequence of three to seven podomeres. Myriapods have few or many legs, up to 750, for walking, swimming, and other functions— gonopods, telopods, and venomous fangs. Shiva, patron of the arts, has four arms, or maybe six; Kali has four or ten. Artists and sculptors recognize that two arms are insufficient to show the strength of their fierce love.