Chapter 1. Illuminati


Throughout history there’s always been a group who waits behind the scenes and pulls the strings. Presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, dictators, and demagogues are their puppets. These secret cabals have no regard for constitutions or national boundaries. Since their suppression in Bavaria, illuminati have been more secretive and more successful, controlling the banks, the media, and gullible minds. How else do you explain the Eye of Providence on the back of the one dollar bill? Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, the Fourth Reich, Majestic 12, New World Order, you name it, many are willing to hold power without credit, and have others carry the blame.

Spiritual ends

Some say that ancient, secret societies don’t seek political or economic power, but seek to transform the world in the spirit through personal development and unity with the divine and universal truth that subsumes all including concern for others.

Denver International Airport

More evidence of the continuing influence and power of the illuminati is the immense and supposedly unused eight-story underground facility at the Denver International Airport. You probably wouldn’t think of this but someone has mentioned that the runways seem to be laid out somewhat like a Nazi swastika, at least if you squint from the air and ignore the biggest runway. Public art at the airport depicts the devil jumping from a suitcase, the Egyptian god of death, Anubis, and children and the dove of peace being threatened with a sword and machine gun by a Nazi in a gas mask, all of which hint at a genocidal plan. The artist has denied any sinister intentions; however, clearly, he has nothing to gain by admitting the truth. People say airport construction was privately funded but nobody knows by whom. A clue may lie in the timecapsule capstone laid by the mysterious New World Airport Commission and featuring the Masonic symbol. Is it a FEMA concentration camp for the mass murder of U.S. citizens, an apocalyptic fallout shelter for elite alien masters, or just an international headquarters for the world-wide illuminati? The fact something is so obviously there is a clever ruse. They could easily calm suspicions by claiming that if they had anything to hide then they would just hide it.


Since it’s a top secret, we expect the government to deny it. When you present to them the documents, they say the documents are fake. Secretly, they encourage elaborate hoaxes in which the facts can be hidden among the lies.


A secret order may have high ideals; it may strive to protect mankind from weaknesses; however, it may have weaknesses of its own. Enthusiasm may cloud judgement; individual ambitions may foster disagreements; greed may obscure intentions. Inequalities lead to lack of trust. Wealth and intelligence are not always aligned. The pretention of authority may be undermined by organizational realities.

The alien hypothesis

First, we humans don’t get along very well, so obviously we need an outside controller. We also can’t keep secrets, which is needed by any global conspiracy. Then there’s the longevity problem. How does it sustain itself for many lifetimes? How can anything make sure, around the world, that the right puppets are put into power? How can renegades be converted without hidden alien mind-control facilities? Obviously, leaders who could not be controlled had to become victims of fake assassinations. World wars? Global epidemics? Global warming? The drug epidemic, hurricanes, earthquakes? Only alien illuminati have the resources to plan and orchestrate such huge events. The resistance must beware of the internet, smart phones, robots, and vaccinations. Suspect anyone who says you aren’t smart enough to figure these things out for yourself.