All Day

All day might cost you your life one of these days which one though you do have all day to take off your glasses putting them on again like all kinds of sensations shadows such as the space between words hearing your plea while waiting for the time when you will run out of the present moment your steps sounding lonely down the corridor wanting to step out beyond memory what is it about the last time that remains doubtful you and your yesterdays staring into the fiction of eternity just to stare not even thinking about the eternal nowhere been there done that can be a cue for asking is that all there is while dancing in the invisible darkness where you find yourself ok you thought so before whatever happened the whatever you take with you especially when you go nowhere. the taking of what there is into the nowhere that’s everywhere this is the time we have been waiting for said the disappearing mask at the window reminding you of all the windows in the parading masks of what’s called days gone by hastily you step where you are going we won’t ask you what you want the question itself is formless and how dare you exclaim great not to know for the fun of running out of time the source of memory in all we have forgotten in all we forget somebody somewhere is waiting for somebody as far as the eye could see on any given day although the story never ends or have we all misjudged the nature of one of these days days gone by and the story still in hiding as far as the eye could see somebody waiting for somebody or could it be nobody etc etc thinking is thinking about sometimes very often someone else you don’t go around looking over your shoulder for surprises someone wanting to know something about you that you don’t even know yourself mercy and merciless sharing the same park bench as the saying goes there it goes it’s going going going gone and no wind to take it home and all that’s left for us is what’s called making sure