And Now

Relating to each transition as it arises giving voice to the identity subjectivity journey unquestioned subjectivity and identity between two subjects as facilitated by empathy where you look is what you see looking away to no avail so avail yourself of whoever in case someone was to ask doesn’t help much when we most perfectly forget ourselves * Identity keeps you going places fading into the light of common day the journey must end for a new one to begin though I’ve been told the body breathes by itself the moment always present facilitated by the invisible empathy breathing between one moment and the moment that was never there to begin with anyway on any day for there is no between one moment and the next. is there a between no there is no between seeking a double negative which leads us to tossing the dice to find the question which keeps us going * What’s best about the uphill walk to your house knowing the answer is the downhill afterwards trying to distract you but you weren’t looking the one moment called the other moment as the show goes always the same moment though of course it isn’t how nurturing seeking wisdom in the uselessness of what’s said * Becoming and passing beginning of the new that already carries its end to endless within itself meaning of all things when you look back which shoulder do you look over while I meditate any any moment the one by my side the one out the window the one already gone * Here comes the taxi that no one called for we are all no one in the nonexistent moment between moments summed up in the question of what can surpass the moment’s moment tipping over backwards in your rocking-chair no one coming from nowhere not even knowing the evidence not even heard from the no one there * Overwhelmed by such freshness becoming man without a history process in the surrendered silence a journey must end for a new one to begin your shadow waiting restlessly for a chance to delve into remaining echoes of your original song and then and then along came Jones smartly dressed * Everything just as it seems being nowhere but where you are awareness turning toward itself asking who wants to hear all is intermezzo just as it seems another language come as you are being the source in the first place of the same question