Let’s Consider

You mean nothing really nothing to do let’s consider meaning of nothing in excess notice I didn’t say the meaning needing to be specific casts a shadow over the nothing that is as if you’re facing charges or as if there’s something else going on going on being a hefty occurrence just short of the nothing in excess that never happens an amount more than necessary desirable or permitted just forget all this scholarly inclination you got here didn’t you where’s the hidden meaning not meant you have to get up and look on the bookshelf been there done that actually mistaking the wind in your ear for someone called you talking to you that’s how it is when you’ve reached the end though still no end in sight all this happening just because how fascinating is the silent aura caused by the words just because are these my hands oh of course they belong to me which makes them my hands just because now I realize growing up means learning to put one letter after another in place of another dizzy spell just because nothing you really mean nothing to do stop sounding like a service man in the service of standing and questioning am I here or is here simply anywhere flying the flag of nowhere just because let’s postpone the dialogue with where let’s cancel the dialogue with who you mean nothing really nothing to do a verb is called a verb in the calling wind which is right here if you want to get up try falling down knowing in advance no one’s here to catch you though of course someone outside of nothing to do might appear at your side just to play remember when