Let Us Now

Let us now compare distance and presence wanting distance here beside me wanting to include distance in my presence actually I want to do away with the word presence take my presence with you when you leave I’ll become the ideal spectator sitting here enjoying my languor at least as it applies to me being here or there or wherever I am talking about presence with a my preceding as in my presence wishing for nothing more than the nameless infinite while still here the ideal spectator absence is allowed to remain cloaked over by distance fallen behind our longings throbbing of time itself what happens if words are stripped of their journeys journey of words wordless journey overabundance of too little time time itself experienced as delay getting lost in order to arrive at where we want to be perception brings the past into the present who needs present I need distance making haste and taking it slow at the same time just a quick trip back to mark the spot sensation of eternal dissolving everything is figurative here