Make Known

Make known with the voice always somewhere how to make known with the voice ordinary voice uttering words occasioned by conditions what comes over me the item called individual sense already spoken for while waiting for alone to happen or stop happening breathing as is on both occasions the not yet versus the no longer might or might not offer disparate economy of attention posturing embodied time whoever knocks on the door epiphany enters the big picture comes over you unreservedly leaving us to delay action for all is just a long wait somewhere in the distance being right where you are economy of attention what might or might not reason at the cost of disappointment well choreographed we submit to wishing for nothing more than infinite delay rooted in narratives meant for no one not even yourself in the puzzle the missing pieces matter most the word therefore counts the most distance being right here suggesting of course up ahead time now for the big picture with no pocket for my being gone ahh yes tell them I came and no one answered