Number One to Somewhere

Just wanted to lift my spirits in the morning those unknown possibilities scintillating self expression believed by many since oxen pulled the plow symbols for the motive power basic form power at work in all forms natural conditions the light heat of the sun breath keeps a fire burning the very air we breathe furthermore those who believe in spite of all appearances holding fast to the conviction far beyond the nothing from which nothing more needs be said leaves me enriched obliged to think of the absolute in terms of our own experience unknown possibilities symbolic of the unknown gaze fixed on a distinct height that which is behind all modes at a given time as a verb because just for the asking the causeless cause becomes the source cause origin source motion being the function attributed to the word walk taking a walk or walk this way or walking about travel or depart the basis of manifestation the ground of similarity choice of the adjective imaginative ours for the choosing understanding might well be underlying correspondence tendency a continual urge like looking forward to seeing you what we adapt as an ideal to what we give homage your pattern built in accordance with was is shall be beyond all misunderstanding forget about words like until just in case then tomorrow arrives before today unless you got the wrong impression just when you thought you were done for in the thin air of here to stay the subtle change making us exalted or sublimated whatever the case may be experiencing in union with what is pictured the picture sits long enough in the somewhere be it elsewhere appropriating the alchemy of whatever in this union the sense no one knows nothing volition is universal first hand knowing originating the outcome effort and aspiration the open hand in thin air wherewithal of importance let’s try to bedevil not to mention just in case holding hands intelligence of will primarily delight what is this all about settled once and for all let us now purposefully remember ourselves pure intent purpose completion is inseparable from that which begins the process of manifestation causeless cause intimately related to every circumstance in our daily personal experience