Is There Something We Should Be Talking About

To grasp is to hold to comprehend to master sourceless sound when that awakening happens assuming the completion of this day or any day in particular the day nearest the observer remembering to grasp to hold to comprehend to master oh diligent impulses attributed always attributed to circumstance turning always the wheel of I knew you when signs of grasp of circumstances stop looking in all directions let’s find a common resting place the completion of the day occurs and keeps occurring the closing of a round of expression in agreement with the grasping hand conciliation is the adjustment of difference establishment of harmony and order nothing knocks us out like this anonymity for only the first steps of an action can be planned that which was is shall be remains the same though it will be seen in sharp contrast that which can be grasped such as completion accomplishment diligence practical grasp of material power marks of success seated on clouds by the hill that which was is and shall be remains the same a rhythm a regularity a steadiness of beat mental states having a tendency to occur in rhythm necessary to formulate suggestions to a large degree choice of instruments an unbroken continuity