Makes Sense

Makes sense running any which way we see you coming see saw the gully between here and now don’t we know each other from nowhere nowhere being another version of somewhere right behind you at the crossroads let’s organize an event to fall back on while given the randomness of the moment shall we compare a little longer with a lot longer place your suitcase you have the choice sizing up time timing up size let’s have a purpose using time to set time free or shall we make another plan this blank sheet of paper up for grabs remaining blank says it all giving the lack of details into the forgetfulness of everywhere leaving us hoping for neither beginning nor end pointless is interesting keep doing what you’re doing doing for keeps I’m at your side I mean soon I’ll be there or are you more in the nowhere of knowing not interested in events arrivals nor departures do you have a plan which says it all while giving the details right out in front in that case put out the lights