He always wanted to build a tower

Boubacar built houses using clay bricks and wooden beams, but he always had higher aspirations. He always wanted to build a tower. In Kano, several merchants were rich enough to pay for building the kind of tower such as Boubacar envisioned. He talked to all of them, but none of them wanted a tower. No one else had a tower. No one needed a tower. Nevertheless, while Boubacar built houses, he always thought about building a tower. The trouble with the idea was that bricks wouldn’t hold up with the height that Boubacar was dreaming of, but he had that worked out. For a long time, Kano had iron works, but made of iron only axes, swords, shields, pots, and sheets for roofing. No one used iron as a structural component for a building. If people thought of it, they dismissed the possibility, for iron was too expensive for anything like that except for building dreams.