Dennis’s dog, Ruff, is hitched to pull a small wagon that Dennis is standing in

Dennis the MenaceHank Ketcham

American boy

This “Dennis the Menace” is the American comic by Hank Ketcham about the typical American boy about the age of six who, with his dog Ruff, doesn’t intend to get in trouble, even though trouble is naturally the consequence of his being immature, curious, and reckless. The British “Dennis the Menace“ is about a British boy, about the age of ten, more malicious than mischievous, who, with his Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound, Gnasher, loves to cause trouble.

Girls have cooties

Who can blame Dennis for how he treats Margaret, since it’s well established that girls have cooties?

The Wilsons

Mrs. Wilson thinks of Dennis as the grandson they never had. Mr. Wilson sees Dennis as a naïve nuisance. He might enjoy Dennis’s playful spirit but not when it breaks his picture window.