Knowledge — Coast Yuki

Tarantula was a man who didn’t know a thing. Deer know not to climb trees, and clams know not to make fires, but Tarantula didn’t know a thing. He was like a deer in a tree or a clam roasting in its own fire. His wife had to tell him everything. Tarantula made a basket with branches of hazel twigs without breaking the twigs from the bush. When he couldn’t carry the basket his wife had to go find him and show him how to make a basket. Once Tarantula came up from the beach like a gopher, tunneling underground. When he poked his head up from the ground by his house, his wife had to scold him and tell him to go back and do it right. Tarantula’s wife had to tell him what to do and when, but he didn’t know when to stop. When she told him to sit down, he sat down and didn’t stop sitting. When she told him to eat he ate and didn’t stop eating. After she told him to pack wood, she had to tell him to stop packing wood, or he’d still be packing wood today.