wanting your cake.

He wasn’t sure how to proceed, how to deal with this particular situation. He couldn’t let her leave without letting her feel that some kind of imminent desire, some hidden threat would be loosed by her leaving. But he didn’t want to scare her either. But he couldn’t help himself. His desire got in the way. If there was a way to prevent her leaving, or to assure her return, he would have to use it. Rationally, he knew it was useless to keep her against her will. He was willing to go to great lengths. He would consider anything that might effect his desired ends successfully. He hoped she would realize his intense suffering and emotional pain. He hoped she would want to ease their separation with frequent visits which might assist in reconciliation. He wanted to accommodate her as much as he possibly could, thus hoping to create a climate of security, a feeling of assurance accompanying him. He wanted her to know he needed her more than ever now that she was leaving.