Edible animals

People don’t eat rats except in Asia and during survivalist training. Well, also in Mexico and West Virginia. People eat squirrel fried, roasted, or stewed, but generally they need to catch them for themselves. Southerners eat alligator meat, even crocodile, especially in gumbos. It’s illegal to take them except from an alligator farm. It’s unclear whether Muslims may eat them. On the one hand, they may eat seafood; on the other hand, the reptiles may be loathsome since they eat people. Texans eat snakes. Nevertheless, they may criticize the Chinese for eating them. People in Asia eat bats, especially fruit bats. In Guam they are a delicacy. People in Peru eat guinea pigs. I didn’t see them on menus but in the cathedral Jesus serves roast guinea pig during the last supper. It’s hard to think of an animal that people don’t eat; people even eat cockroaches.