About Seeing What’s Not There

Keeler’s Korner
Photo by Tom Sharp

A book of short prose and free verse poems written in magic realism, where people’s bodies are fused with natural and cosmic environments. The voice is mostly playful, but the reader may find him/herself caught off guard occasionally by its gravity and seriousness. Themes range through landscapes like the unreliability of perception, the role of imagination, the relationships between the artist with herself and with others, her associations with dying, death, and grief, and the ever-receding horizon.


The image on the cover is a photograph, “Jewels I,” by Stella Monday. Stella can be found at http://stellamonday.com. Used with permission.

I am indebted to my editor, Clifford J. Schwartz, who patiently waited for me to agree. Readers Tom Sharp and Stella Monday kindly gave input and impressions.

The design and layout of Seeing What’s Not There is attributable to Tom Sharp, who has my deepest gratitude.

All artwork and photographs that are not otherwise credited are by me.

All errors within are attributable only to me although I wish it were otherwise.

A version of “Save for His Destination” was published in Issue 1 of Wind Mill, Near Sighted Press.

The Time of the Spider” was published in Issue 19 of Willows Wept Review, Winter 2021, at willowswept.com.

A version of “When” was included in the anthology titled Embedded Dreams publishesd by the National Library of Poetry, Richard Schaub, ed.