Chapter 6. Romani


It pays to have a dark complexion and to speak another language when looking for clairvoyance from agents of the darkness. A dim light, strange perfumes, exotic scarves, and vague rituals are harmonious with the esoteric nature of the deception.

Fortune telling

You don’t pay me unless you need to know and have no hope of finding out on your own. The tarot cards have an ancient and mysterious origin that gives credence to their efficacy. I turn and place the cards and keep a careful eye on whether you respond with hope or fear.

Curses and blessings

I neither curse nor bless for the fun of it, but take care that the suit is well deserved. It’s always important that the recipients know what’s coming their way.

Gypsy shuvani

Certain individuals are born with the nack. The gypsy shuvani can do more than foretell the future; she talk with the dead and can cast spells. If you dare to ask her for advice, you must not dare to disobey her.

Channelling spirits

Any invocation, annunciation, declaration, or promulgation must not be simply verifiable; this is how you can be sure of its authenticity; this kind of truth is always revealed with riddles and metaphors so its power is not wasted on the frivolous or skeptical.