Blessing Society

Humans have one power that gods and angels have not reserved for their own kinds, and that is the power to bless others. In this new Christian-cum-Buddhist sect, blessing others is the main ritual, one that both priests and laity practice. Here, acts of blessing are not invocations of higher spiritual powers, but assume the blessing powers of each believer. In their Book of Creative Blessings and other scriptures, believers find suggestions for improving their blessings. One suggestion is to examine the attributes of the lotus blossom and bestow these on those whom they bless. Both vegetable and animal kingdoms are available as inspirations for blessings of beauty, grace, strength, longevity, swiftness, adaptability, vigor, and many other desirable things in no particular order. Another suggestion is to read the many common Christian and Buddhist prayers to see what others pray for. Health, peace, freedom from fear and need, patience, courage, and determination, may you be blessed with all these things.