Crystal Community

Lisa Glaser’s first crystal experience was with a crystal ball that had been put aside because it had been dropped, retaining its spherical form but leaving its interior with a crazed mesh of cracks. Ms. Glaser found that the cracked ball could take her places that an intact ball could only suggest. She displayed the crazed ball prominently and began to rely on it for recreation and problem solving. Over time, as others asked Ms. Glaser began to open up about the benefits of the crazed ball, and she began to advise others about how to acquire and craze their own balls. Today, she leads a small group for community crystal gazing with a large number of crazed crystals. “Spheres are perfect. Right? Well, nature likes balance, and it’s difficult to see the future in a perfect crystal, because light passes through it so easily.” Only one person at a time is permitted to speak, and priority goes to those who in an obvious state of ecstasy.