Godx for everything

“There’s a godx that moves the little finger of your left hand; you and your pet cat are powered by hundreds of godx. We know that every living thing needs godx to function. We’re just not in agreement whether inanimate things also need godx the way animate things do. Think about having godx for every raindrop or for every molecule in a breeze. That quickly gets ridiculous, even though it’s serious because our church could split up over this.” We talked with Renee (who uses only this one name) at the Third True Pantheistic Temple in Pocatello, Idaho. “Many pantheistic religions have different godx for human activities and for things that grow, move, or flow, but even for rocks and abstract ideas. It’s a very fruitful field for belief systems.” We asked Renee why she uses the term “godx,” and she said, “We believe that godx are not sexed. That’s where all the other religions get it wrong (thinking godx are like us). If godx were like us, then they would need their own godx just to function, ad infinitum.