Healing Spirit Fellowship

The Healing Spirit Fellowship offers healing for all ailments along with God’s universal love. A typical service consists of prayers, laying on of hands, sprinkling of holy water or anointment of oils, speaking in tongues, and reading aloud scriptures of many faiths in their original languages. If the placebo effect doesn’t work often enough, it’s easy enough to find a person to perform an altar call and be healed of any non-visible ailment. Migraines, cancers, and women’s problems are the most common ailments that are miraculously cured. Some people are known to have been cured of dozens of ailments. Many people find great joy in receiving divine healing. Nevertheless, Father Stanislav Blatski of the healing temple in the small town of Shumen in Bulgaria swears that his temple attracts a smaller percentage of hypochondriacs than any Christian or Islamic denomination.