Cult of Luna

The modern Cult of Luna began with the suffragists. It was a global movement to bring light to darkness. For a few misguided cultures, the moon was male, such as Sin of the Mesopotamians. Could this be the original sin? Determining how this happened became a goal for research, along with a serious look at how the dominant cultures in the world at the time were pathetically patriarchal. The founders of the Cult of Luna would not let ignorance or blind prejudice obscure the radiance of Luna. The founders of the cult realized that people of almost all cultures on all continents recognized a moon goddess and associated her with the menstrual cycle. Luna was the goddess of fertility, creativity, morality, and love, the goddess of wisdom, science, and the arts. The famous Luna Charter of 1888 declared that women must educate and inspire other women everywhere, and must seize all opportunities to assume the powers that are theirs.