Rites Temple

Officiants who administer rites at the local Rites Temple in Santa Cruz California tell their congregants to just perform the rites. They don’t need to count their breaths or contemplate a koan or scriptural passage. The essence of the practice is simply in performing the rites. There’s no relationship between the Rites Temple and the Scottish Rite Temple. The Scottish one is a branch of Masonry and in their name and there’s only the one rite. The Rites Temple has many rites. According to Officiant Doe (not his legal name), the rites of this Temple are simple things like forming the sign of the circle, and touching your elbow before cutting meat with a knife. “Don’t even think about it,” said Officiant Doe. You don’t even need to do it with humility or sincerity. “Just do it, and a better life will come to you.”