Society of Sacrificial Sacrifice

Sacrifice as a form of worship has been important part of religions since the beginning. In recognition of this practice and regarding its importance, Sacrifists sacrifice sacrifices. The first time this happened, They took knife and lamb to the altar, but they shed no blood. They felt bad about it, but they realized that God was great enough not to need it. Also they just couldn’t see sacrificing the blood of a lamb when it would make good sausage. For the first time, they saw that in offering gifts to God they were only hurting themselves. They believed God understood and regarded their sacrifice as being difficult but noble. Out of this original act of sacrifice evolved a new theology in which acts of propitiation, appeasement, penance, and expiation for collective guilt were unnecessary. Eventually, their idea of God evolved from a jealous, narcissistic, and overly sensitive being to one being generous, self-assured, almighty, miraculous, and forgiving.