Faith of the Custodians

Custodians believe they were put on Earth to care for all life, including house cats, birds, snails, and their own families. The practice of caring for all life involves the maintenance of household altars, attention to family genealogies, and the cleanliness of sinks and toilets. Custodians believe that all life is susceptible to the influence of evil spirits, but that evil can be averted by the appropriate use of water.
 Rituals related to water involve creatures outside the home, by providing bird baths and water dishes for cats, along with appropriate prayers. In other religions, people pay for priests to perform rituals and sacraments that lay members and children are not authorized to perform. 
 That makes no sense to custodians. Every adult custodian is a priest whose responsibility is to care for all life. You can’t pay someone to care for all life for you. In other religions, only males can be priests. That also makes no sense.
 That is like saying that only males descended from the people’s mythical ancestor, and not females, when who knows maybe this ancestor was a female. Doesn’t each child benefit from the appropriate use of water? Doesn’t each male and female, each house cat, each bird, and each snail in the garden benefit?
 All descendants believe that only their own beliefs make sense. Thus they are strengthened in caring for all life, their own and all others.