Venerable Official Teaching of Veneration

Largely suppressed, since this teaching was at odds with the official state religion, the Venerable Official Teaching of Veneration struggled for centuries under many leaders meeting in homes and using many names: Great Book of Sitting Quietly Noble Precepts of the Great Vehicle Venerable Teaching of Washing Hands Pure Salvation through Welcome Gestures Glorified Path to Many Gates of Heaven Blessed Sacramental Sect of Secret Oils Great Teachings of Venerable Secrets Great Path for Seekers of Sudden Stillness Teaching Gateways to Divine Rivers Highest Supreme Peaks of Mountain One Secret Lotus Mystic Lotus Blossoming Friends Alike Many Great Ways Climbing Yellow Skies Sudden Blossoming of Beautiful Salvation Open Way over Divine Yellow Fields Beneficial Secret Lesson of Blessed Fasting Good Friends Help with Authorized Blessings Honest Teaching of Great Knowledge Wise Ways to Reach Silly Wisdoms Today, the Teaching of Veneration and so forth no doubt continues, but China has become a little sensitive about religions in general since their difficulties with the Falun Gong, so they do not welcome foreigners who only want to ask questions.